What Your Birthday Reveals About You 2009 Page-a-Day Calendar - Phyllis Vega
“Master astrologer Phyllis Vega reveals what the stars hold for you—and everyone you know. Each day’s analysis offers fresh, startling accurate insights into the character, personality, relationships, and prospects for success for those who share that birthday. Learn things you never knew about your spouse or lover, your family, your closest friends—and yourself.” – From the back of the box

Having researched the numerological and astrological profiles of every day of the year, prolific author, metaphysician and astrologer Phyllis Vega offers her discoveries in a handy page-a-day calendar for the year 2009.

Based on her book of the same name, the What Your Birthday Reveals About You Calendar provides an in-depth personality and psychological profile from January 1-December 31, offering insights on romantic tendencies, vocational approach, temperament, preferences, deep desires, habits and sticking points.

For example, if you were born on February 19, you are drawn to the spotlight, but too much scrutiny makes you uncomfortable. You are inclined to help others because of your charitable instincts, and tend to magnetize people to you with your enthusiasm and charm. You enjoy being pampered, and are more than happy to return the favor to your lover!

However, if you were born on June 27, your volatile nature impels you to action, even to the point of being a “crusader”. Yet, you always side with the underdog, always ready to defend the helpless and fight inequity, largely because your nature is charitable and caring. In fact, your attunement to others borders on psychic.

Also featuring fascinating “On This Day” sidebars as well as famous people born on a particular day, the What Your Birthday Reveals About You Page-A-Day Calendar will entertain you all throughout 2009, as well as provide uncanny insights into those around you, as well as yourself. In addition, it would make a great holiday gift for those interested in astrology, personality systems and psychological profiling!

Take care when opening the package, though, as each side is glued tightly shut. (You may have to wrestle a bit to get it open, because cutting around the sides may accidentally slit the pages!) Also—and, unfortunately, there are no directions in the box—be careful on manipulating the plastic stand so it can sit upright. I couldn’t figure out what to do and almost snapped off the part that props up the calendar.

Instead, fold the central perforated part in on itself until it “snaps” into place and you can then lean, and display, your calendar on a desk or flat surface. After that, you should be good to go, having 365 interesting astrological profile for every day of the year!

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