What Your Birthday Reveals About You – Phyllis Vega
“Your birthday is more than just the day of the year you were born.  Each day in the yearly cycle in its distinct vibrations and contains its own unique characteristics.  The influence of your day of birth is one of the dynamics that distinguishes you from other people.  It’s a defining factor in who you are and who you hope to become.” – From the book

A New Age counselor for over 30 years, author Phyllis Vega has provided seekers with exciting, practical information in books like Power Tarot, Celtic Astrology, and Your Magickal Name. In What Your Birthday Reveals About You, Vega applies her extensive knowledge of numerology and astrology to create 366 distinct profiles for each day of the year.

A lively, up-to-date guide to self-awareness, this book is divided into three sections: Part One covers the 12 signs of the Zodiac, including a relevant mythological tale conveying the symbolic meaning of the sign, Character and Personality, and Relationships.  Part two explains the nine basic numbers of numerology, and the profiles for each of these root numbers. Part three, the 366 birthdays of the year, gives a comprehensive reading for each birth date.  Each birthday profile contains insight on fostering natural abilities in challenging in meaningful ways, as well as noteworthy birthdays and observances associated with that day.

Melding numerology and astrology, Vega paints 366 fascinating portraits that reveals secrets and highlights strengths, revealing accurate personality quirks, motivations, preferences, and paths to fulfillment.

My birthday is November 6, and I found my profile to be eerily accurate.  Here is a portion of what Vega writes for this profile:

“The charming, gregarious, and seemingly easy-going outer façade of those celebrating birthdays today camouflages as a tougher, more intense inner nature. You actually are all that you seen—idealistic, judicious, fair-minded, and honorable.  But there is a part of you that his shrewd, secretive, and mistrustful of the motives of others.  Moreover, you refuse to settle for quick answers or superficial assessments.  You want to believe in the goodness of humanity, so you optimistically hope for the best. However, you’ve seen too much of the dark side of human nature not to be prepared for the worst.”

My husband, a fellow Scorpio, was born on October 27.  Two plus seven equals nine, so his numerical vibration for that day is nine.  However I’ve never found the nine profile to describe him accurately in ANY numerology text. Nines are usually characterized as ambitious go getters and compassionate crusaders, and Vega highlights this in her October 27 profile. As a result, his profile is mostly inaccurate.

However, in addition to the incredible accuracy of my own profile, my dad’s profile (July 11) was also quite accurate. The author mentions how these ones side step conflict with aplomb and make great managers. My Dad has served as a manager in several jobs, and he does indeed retreat into his shell when conflict arises on the home front.

At 479 pages, What Your Birthday Reveals About You brims with mythos, symbolism, personality traits, compatibility issues, sticking points, and more. Readers only need to know the day and month of birth to access amusing and often intriguing profiles of friends and loved ones. While this book may not be a 100% accurate manual (what book on human personality CAN be?), it is thorough, engaging, and informative.  What Your Birthday Reveals About You would be a great ice-breaker at parties and would no doubt provide some interesting fodder at family reunions and gatherings!

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