Why People Don't Heal: How You Can Overcome the Hidden Blocks to Wellness by Caroline Myss
In the CD Why People Don't Heal And How They Can, author Caroline Myss explains how our biography becomes our biology. Our bodies contain energy data banks, known as chakras, that manage the flow of our life force. Every thought, belief, memory, and inspiration is recorded in our bodies.

As a medical intuitive, Myss is able to "see" inside an individual's body and discern illness and its cause. Over the years, she discovered that many illnesses are connected to thoughts, emotions, and memories that have "hooked" our energy, keeping our precious life force in the past. We get a certain amount of life force, or personal power, for every day that we live. If we spend 80% of our energy in our history--hooked by emotional wounds, bad relationships, negative attitudes, judgmentalism, and unforgiveness--then we go into energetic "debt". Not having enough energy for the present moment (because of being stuck in the past), our body has to take a "loan" from someplace. Woundology, a term Myss has coined, is being stuck in the wounds of the past, defining yourself by your wounds, and using wounds as form of "street currency" to manipulate others. Woundology and energetic debt takes energy out of your cell tissues, and this can lead to illness.

In addition to explaining each of the 7 energetic data banks of our bodies, Myss covers:

*Consequences of negative energy
*Finding the strength to heal
*Getting your spirit back
*The importance of forgiveness
*Fear of change
*5 central myths that prevent healing
*Steps to heal
*Saving your spirit

You won't be bored with Why People Don't Heal, because Myss weaves personal stories throughout her teaching to illustrate these powerful truths. One amazing story is that of artist David Chethlahe Paladin. He was a Navajo who endured great cruelty by the Nazis, including having his feet nailed to the floor. Myss met Chethlahe personally before he died, and shares how the power of forgiveness brought his spirit back...and ultimately, healed his crippled body.

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