Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior Deck - Dan Millman
“When a raindrop joins the sea, the sea also merges with the raindrop. Personal and collective awakening are one in the same.” – From the Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior Deck

Dan Millman, bestselling author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior (now a major motion picture), The Life You Were Born to Live and other books, distills his spiritual philosophy in the 52-card set Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior deck.

Featuring a variety of four breathtaking seascapes on one side and a playful aphorism on the other, the Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior deck comes in New World Library’s unique magnetic box, with the lidded top doubling as frame for inserting your favorite card for meditation or affirmation.

Printed on sturdy card stock, soothing shades of cool blues and purple surround each brief inspirational phrase. Echoing similar wisdom from Buddhist thought and books such as Loving What Is and The Power of Now, here are some of the uplifting quotes found in the Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior deck:

• “This planet is a divine school, and daily life a classroom. Our choice of teachers depends on what we need to learn.”

• “If you feel stuck or stagnating, even slipping backward, consider this: You may be backing up to get a running start.”

• “Stress happens when the mind resists what is; so let go of opinions about should or shouldn’t be. Accept reality as it arises—take what is given and make use of it in your own way.”

• “If you don’t fit easily into your circle of peers, consider the possibility that you may not be here to fit in—you may be here to lead.”

• “Sometimes dead ends reveal hidden doorways, leading us to bigger questions and a search for higher truths.”

If you’ve been blessed by the teachings of Dan Millman, the Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior deck will comfort you like an old friend. If you’re new to Millman’s brand of gentle insights, these cards will provide an opportunity for stillness, pointing to the innate truths within us all.

If you’re a counselor, teacher, or healer, giving a card to your clients or students after each session would make a wonderful gesture for reinforcing the light you’re bringing to the world, reminding each that peace and joy are only a heartbeat away.

Below are 8 cards from this deck:

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