Wisdom for Healing Cards - Caroline Myss
“Healing is more than confronting the challenge of an illness. The wise approach is to realize that it’s a lifestyle requiring constant attention to the well-being of your mind, body and spirit. Of all the many factors that healing and living a healthy life require, becoming an empowered individual is the most important. That’s also the most difficult.” – Caroline Myss

According to medical intuitive and spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, personal empowerment first begins with the choices we make. Even small choices can have strong energetic reverberations that echo through both our bodies and our lives. In fact, she asserts that even one positive action can create an entirely new life.

Crises such as illness, loss, and heartbreak often force us to begin the journey of personal empowerment. In the throes of such difficulty, knowing where and how to begin this quest can be a daunting task.

With the Wisdom for Healing Cards, Myss provides 50 different lessons to help individuals ascertain personal energy levels and movement. In addition, her wisdom encourages body awareness, emotional self-examination, and spiritual connection to God.

Her approach is a proactive one, with each card focusing on a specific lesson and goal. For example, in the card titled Notice That Special Person, the lesson says:

“On this day, take notice of someone whom you’ve previously ignored. That person is your teacher, your special angel, and he or she will do or say something you’ve been waiting for, just because you’re recognizing the beauty of his or her spirit. Your goal: to see that everyone is capable of helping you heal, and vice versa.”

The Wisdom for Healing Cards features the gorgeous, vibrant art of Janice Fried, the same artist who illustrated the Archetypes Cards and the other Healing Cards deck by Myss. Each glossy card has a colorful image on one side, and a lesson/goal on the other. Some of the themes include:

Release the Need to Complain
Observe Your Attitude
Be Mindful of Conflict
Recognize Your First Thought
Eat Healthful
Relinquish Control
See the Synchronicity

I was feeling unwell last night, and decided to draw a card to see if the Wisdom for Healing Cards would “speak” to me. I ended up drawing Enhance Your Physical Health which admonished:

“Think about how you view yourself as a physical being. Do you perceive yourself as weak or strong? Do you tend to make excuses for why you’re not proactive in your healing when you see what can and should be done? Your goal: to initiate one positive action in your life to enhance your physical health.”

In my case, I knew immediately that card referred to drinking more water—something I’ve received Guidance to do, but have neglected.

Intended for repeated use, this beautiful deck will help you uncover the layers of buried emotion, tap into intuitive Guidance, and make the necessary changes for empowerment and overall well-being.

Below are 6 images from this deck:

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