Wish on a Spell Volume One -  DVD by Deborah Gray
“The moment you begin your journey into magical knowledge is the moment you become a magician. You are now entering into the realm of enchantment. Welcome, fellow seeker, to the world of magic.” – From the DVD

According to Australian witch and author Deborah Gray, casting a spell can be a simple or as dramatic as you want it to be. She teaches the art of simple spell casting in a new DVD Wish on a Spell, which is the first volume of the WitchCrafter DVD series

In this 64 minutes DVD, Gray walks the viewer through seven spells:

*Perfect Soulmate Spell
*Merlin’s Mansion (Real Estate Magic)
*Totally Toadworthy (For enemies and ex-lovers)
*Sex in a Bottle (Perfume Spell)
*Royal Peacock’s Brew (Wealth and Prosperity Spell)
*Ghostbuster Potion (Banishing Spell from ancient Morocco)
*Wedding Ties (Spell to get your lover to propose)

Gray also talks about the four phases of the moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning) and how each phase exerts a physical and spiritual influence on everything—and how certain spells are more beneficial when cast at particular times. For example, if you want to weave spells for growth and commitment, cast it during a Waxing Moon.

In addition to the instructional part of the DVD, there is also a “Witches Weekend” featurette as well as an interview with the late Australian astrologer Athena Starwoman. I found the Witches Weekend segment particularly interesting. Several witches, including two male witches, discuss the Gardnerian and Alexandrian tradition and how to communicate with gods and goddesses.

When asked if gods and goddesses were archetypes or actual beings, one of the male witches made an interesting observation: deities are an anthropomorphization of energy where people project thought forms. Because individuals work with deities, they gain power.

The interview with Athena Starwoman was also engrossing. She explained how masculine Leo was originally portrayed much like the Strength card in Tarot (feminine) and how the Venus placement in a chart shows where an individual shines—where they’re “beautiful”…and also where they’re jealous.

Wish on a Spell is an entertaining DVD that’s especially good for seekers, especially those wanting to know more about Wicca, Paganism, and spell casting. I don’t think “love spells” are all that ethical and I also think it’s misguided to assume that everyone has a soulmate out there. However, this is a nicely produced DVD highlighting spell casting and modern witchery from one of Australia’s most famous witches.

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