The Woman’s Book of Spirit: Meditations to Awaken Our Inner Wisdom – Sue Patton Thoele
“Fundamentally, we are spiritual beings with soul as our essence, our most basic quality. We’ve forgotten. I continue to forget on a daily basis. Consequently, it seems to me that a huge spiritual lesson for most of us is to remember, to re-evolve into simplicity of spirit, and invite the natural, inherent essence of our Selves back to the fore of our lives, to ‘become like little children.’ I believe women are being called to birth this all important spirit-memory.” – From the book

With books like The Woman’s Book of Confidence, The Courage to Be Yourself, and The Woman’s Book of Courage, psychotherapist Sue Patton Thoele has brought encouragement, inspiration, and rare spiritual wisdom to thousands of readers.

Heeding the call to “pour water upon my women”, Thoele has birthed yet another treasure in her book A Woman’s Book of Spirit. Using anecdotes from her life, as well as those of her friends and clients, Thoele desires to help moisten and revitalize the hearts of women so they may reclaim the Sacred Feminine Voice within.

Offering 128 meditations spanning ten themes, this book can be consulted for specific topical wisdom, as well as daily devotions or random oracular insight. The ten themes in A Woman’s Book of Spirit are:

Re-Greening Arid Places
Embodying Heart Energy
Nourishing Our Souls
Intertwining Soul-Strands
Honoring Sacred Rights and Responsibilities
Creating Spiritual Touchstones
Awakening to Wisdom
Enrolling in Saint’s School
Ascending to Gratitude
Embracing Angels and Other Emissaries

Delving randomly yet deeply in this book, I’ve found relevant, profound messages from Spirit each and every time. I especially enjoyed Steering Clear of Black Holes (an essay on avoiding energetic vampires), Listening Deeply (about the sacred art of listening), and Soothing Our Hearts (showing how to cradle and comfort a hurting heart).

A Woman’s Book of Spirit is rich with sacred Feminine Wisdom, and this 279-page book certainly accomplishes the charge the Universe gave to Thoele to “pour water upon my women”. Highly recommended!

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