Your Destiny Switch - Peggy McColl
“When you’re on the road to your destiny, you can sense it. Don’t talk yourself out of doing what you’re meant to do just because you feel scared for some reason or don’t know what turn to make next. It may take a while for your next opportunity to reveal itself. You’re never wasting time as long as you’re keeping your eyes and your heart open to possibilities for achieving your destiny. You might be learning something crucial to what you’ll do in the future.” – From the book

Let me begin by saying that reading Your Destiny Switch was thrilling and satisfying on many levels. I found myself cheering and grinning while I read—thankful that someone has FINALLY melded common sense, compassion and the Law of Attraction into a practical, encouraging manual on making the most out of life.

It has taken me YEARS of experimentation using wisdom gleaned from studying sacred texts and reading self-help/psychology books to undo destructive thought patterns that begat emotional chaos and confusion. Written in an engaging, lucid style, Peggy McColl explains what I found to be true via trial and error in her book Your Destiny Switch. (How I wish I had this book a decade ago!)

Now, I will tell you that I was skeptical at first, especially with the Hay House hype surrounding this book. (“Not another shallow Hay House dud ala Dyer”, I groaned.) But despite the tacky publicity blitz surrounding Your Destiny Switch, I can honestly say that this book delivers in terms of showing readers how to master key emotions and use them to live a life of peace, joy and abundance.

Now, when I say “abundance”, I’m not talking about the narcissistic money grabbing shtick often present in Law of Attraction products (can you say “The Secret”?). And, neither is Peggy McColl. No, what Your Destiny Switch offers is a brilliantly simple model for observing destructive emotions, deciding to feel better and switching to feelings that are more positive and productive for EVERYONE.

Ms. McColl discusses “false positive” feelings, differentiating them from authentic positive emotions. In other words, unlike some authors (e.g. Lynn Grabhorn), she doesn’t tell you to deny, ignore, or judge negative feelings while forcing “happiness”, but rather encourages readers to approach troubling emotions with curiosity and gentleness—embracing the valuable lessons they can impart.

I was surprised (and impressed) that Your Destiny Switch actually addressed—quite specifically—some of the misgivings I’ve had about some New Thought/LofA teachings. For example, how can one “turn up the volume” on a particular emotion when he/she has never experienced it? Well, Ms. McColl addresses this with Switching Strategy #12.

And what about compassion for those in difficult circumstances—or dealing with challenging, negative individuals? Rather than the arrogant posturing of some authors (e.g. Rhonda Byrne), who encourage readers to avoid or ignore such people (after all, they’re not vibrating in alignment with my fabulous, self indulgent needs!) Ms. McColl provides practical, compassionate tools for meeting people right where they are—and imbuing such situations with kindness, clarity and helpful solutions. (Of course, whether such individuals accept it is up to them. Some people get huge energetic payoffs for playing the victim.)

Your Destiny Switch likens emotional states to dimmer panels, which can either increase or decrease light in a room. Ms. McColl describes how we can easily assess our emotional states using this model, and how we can then decide to switch into more empowering emotional states—and how they may be different for each person and vary according to situation. For example, if you want to start a new business, you may ramp up enthusiasm and curiosity, but if you’re seeking peace and harmony, you’d ramp up a different set of feelings.

This book also shows readers how to re-write and edit the painful “movies” of memories, cultivate faith in Divine timing, release attachments, re-cast flaws as strengths, create a mission statement, use powerful switching strategies and “illuminators” for living your destiny and how to stay true to your OWN unique, self-determined values.

I’ve highlighted quite a few passages in Your Destiny Switch and I’d like to share some of these valuable nuggets with you:

• “The more we feel that things ‘have’ to go the way we want them to, the more attached we are to how our lives are ‘supposed’ to work out, and the more suffering we create for ourselves. On the other hand, the less attached we are, the less we suffer.”

• “When you raise the volume on your sense of worthiness, you don’t feel a constant need to have others validate you. You experience a state of grace and are above any mean-spirited criticism. You don’t commit acts of violence against yourself, either by saying cruel things to yourself or letting others do so.”

• “I know that I can choose to create a beautiful melody with my vibration, or I can screech out a horrifying sound. I conduct the symphony, and I control my Destiny Switch.”

• “Whatever your gifts or talents are, accept and cultivate them. Don’t dwell on the characteristics you don’t have…None of us can be terrifically talented at everything.”

• “I don’t believe that people won’t or can’t change…Don’t think for a minute that who you are is set in stone.”

• “…if you continue to be who you’ve always been, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. To change what you receive, you need to transform your identity.”

If you’re ready for a change and seek to hook up with the flow of abundance, discover personal meaning and dare to live the life of your dreams, I highly recommend Your Destiny Switch to show you the way. It’s rare that I get this excited about a book, but the solid information, insightful anecdotes and sensible instructions could literally change thousands—perhaps millions—of lives. I know that my life has changed by applying the principles in this book—and so can yours.

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