Your Magickal Name - Phyllis and Debra Vega
"Adherents to New Age philosophy sometimes decide to change or alter their birth names to reflect spiritual growth or invoke new characteristics and draw them into their lives. Some name changes are made after a consultation with a numerologist. The numerologist may suggest spelling modifications or other adjustments that effect the vibrations of the individual's name and that create a better resonance with his or her life goals." --Phyllis Vega and Debra Vega
What's in a name?

For thousands of years, humans have taken great care in choosing names. When naming children, groups, animals, products or fictional characters, many people take into account the meaning of the considered name. Some names are culled from literature or mythology, while others are taken from the names of relatives, locations, or important events.

In Your Magickal Name: Using Astrology, Numerology, Myth and Meaning to Choose the Perfect One, authors Phyllis Vega and Debra Vega explore various cultural and religious customs associated with naming babies including Wiccaning, Christening, Saining, the Hindu namakaran, and more. However, some individuals choose another name as adults. For example, Neo-pagans may choose a magickal name for ceremonial purposes, while those in the New Age may adopt a name reflecting healing properties or one received during meditation or dreams.

Naming With Astrology

Choosing a powerful, meaningful name can be a daunting task, but the authors have made the process easier by providing various methods for choosing the perfect name. For example, a name that harmonizes with a person's astrological birth sign enhances the characteristics associated with that sign. For each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the authors have compiled astrological symbolism, mythological correspondences and archetypes, traits, and characteristics. Based on those elements, 20 male names and 20 female names are suggested for each of the 12 signs.

Naming From Mythology

The names of heroes, heroines, gods and goddesses offer inspiration and empowerment by their very nature. Sixty names spanning mythological lore from Greek, Welsh, Phoenician, Mexican, Norse, Egyptian and other traditions are examined, including a brief bio of each mythological character.

Naming By The Numbers

Pythagoras once said "All things can be expressed in numerical terms, because all things are ultimately reduced to numbers." There are several systems within numerology, but the Western tradition is that of Pythagoras, a man known as the "father of numerology". The basic premise of numerology is that everything in the universe has its own vibrational signature, including letters. When the vibrational combination of letters join together in a name, the name itself has its own vibration. The authors explain the meaning of numbers 1 through 9 in Pythagorean numerology, including correspondences, traits, and characteristics.

Names, Origins, Meanings, And Numeric Values

In the second half of Your Magickal Name, over 8,000 male and female names are listed, including the language of origin, name meaning, and numerology number. For example, the name Janet is derived from the Hebrew, and means God's gift of grace; it is a #5 name in Pythagorean numerology. The male name Bram is a Gaelic word that means raven, and is a #7 name. (Names that are considered unisex are listed in both master lists.)

No matter who or what you are naming, Your Magickal Name is a rich resource of ideas and information that will help you make the best possible choice.

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