Your Power to Create - Caroline Myss
“The reason people sabotage is because they don’t want their life to change. They don’t want to work so hard. You want the power to create IF it doesn’t cost anything. You want a god to change everything around you, but you don’t have to change a thing. That’s why the ‘power to create’ doesn’t work for them: they’re undisciplined. They can’t follow the guidance to walk 20 minutes a day, but they’ll try to heal a major illness.” – From CD 2

The idea that we can create anything we want is hugely popular in Self Help and New Age circles. The Law of Attraction is discussed on talk shows like Larry King Live and The Ellen Degeneres Show, while DVD’s like What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret fly off the shelves at the same speedy rate as the Abraham/Hicks material. 

In her new CD series Your Power to Create, medical intuitive Caroline Myss says that although the notion that we could create anything permeates our culture right now, it hasn’t always been the case. So when was the idea that we can create anything we want first downloaded in human consciousness? According to Myss, it was when Oppenheimer and his gang first split the atom. We were gleeful and proud that we found another way to destroy life. However, since the pendulum swings towards balance, the thirst for death was met with a passion for life. A gush of light from on high rained down on humanity with China invading Tibet in 1959, resulting in the exile of the Dalai Lama, and in 1962 during Vatican II. The East came to the West, and the West entered the East.

This 2 CD series covers the five stages of creation—from Revolution to Revelation—as well as the chakra correlation for the last several decades. For example, 7th Chakra guidance came through in the 1960’s, which moved to the 6th Chakra, blowing the back door off the unconscious (drug culture, Jung, dream analysis, music, etc.) and starting a revolution. Myss says that if we discovered the Self in the 70’s (therapy, introspection, victim consciousness, etc.) then we cashed in on it in the 80’s—a time where healing centers became spas. Instead of evolving into *mystical* narcissism in the 90’s, we remain stuck in the 80’s earth-based narcissism enamored with vanity and “stuff” that ceases to be of service to other. In fact, Myss says that when she sees people suffering, it’s precisely because they can’t “get out of the 80’s.

Although the world is degenerating rapidly, notes Myss, the good news is that beginning of the new millennium is the “decade of mysticism” where we need to cooperate with God, tenaciously follow the soul’s guidance, and become fearless “mystics without monasteries”.

Some of the fascinating wisdom shared in Your Power to Create includes:

• How to work with the alchemical principle of creation and why the power to perceive and respond to Guidance is crucial

• What shifts our personal compass and why we avoid it

• The definition of  Mystical Narcissism and how it differs from Earth Narcissism 
• How to fly under the radar and create a “Mystical Shield” for creation

• The role of mental discipline, fearlessness, and self respect

• Magnetizing a soul mate and what needs to be released when trying to create in terms of relationships

• Money and the fear of being humiliated—and why the New Age currently lacks a “financial backbone”

• Why clarity about what is required for you to be happy—and putting language to what you want—matters, and which archetype shows up as soon as you do

• How intuitive irritants like “I need to clean out my closet” can actually be profound, important Guidance

As always, Myss delivers her practical wisdom with forcefulness and humor. Her outrageous sassiness in Your Power to Create is downright hilarious at times, especially when she rips on vain New Agers who report exotic past lives (you know, the ones that either took place in Atlantis or among the pyramids)—wondering why no one seems to die in the suburbs. She delivers some real zingers—“Healing is not a crime scene. You don’t figure out who caused the disease, solve the crime, and then get healed”—that reveal profound, usable insights. If you’re wanting to know how to work *with* the alchemical principle of creation rather than against it, Your Power to Create gives you the tools you need—but it’s ultimately up to you to apply them with awareness and diligence.

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