Zen Cards - Daniel Levin
Zen Cards by Daniel Levin is a beautifully simple and calming deck. There are 50 individual cards in 5 colors: indigo, brick red, olive green, teal, and lime green. The first thing that struck me about this deck, however, was the delightful Asian-style flip-top box which allows for easy access to the cards.

Zen has become a popular topic in the modern world, largely for its simplicity and profound wisdsom. These 50 cards have a lovely Oriental-like font, and each card has a topic written on one side, and a saying on the other. For example, one card is called Zen Mind which says Experience all things with the enthusiasm of a child, as if you were seeing it for the first time. This is the Zen mind. Always new, always aware, always that of a beginner. Another is Harmony which says Restore harmony. Create peace in all situations. Rather than pushing the river, flow with it.

Below are the front and back of two Zen cards:

I have the box of Zen Cards sitting on my desk. Every night before I go to bed, I shuffle the deck and pick a card. I find the words very calming and centering--almost as if the simple wisdom on each card serves as a light breeze that blows away any tension, confusion, or anxiety.

You could use this deck as an oracle when seeking guidance or for meditation and encouragment. Perhaps when picking a card a day, you could tape it to your bathroom mirror or computer monitor--reminding you everytime you look at it of the profound simplicity and peace that is Zen.

Zen Cards would be a wonderful gift for people of all faiths, as well as a great way to treat yourself to some daily inspiration, stillness, and clarity.

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