The classic definition of divination is to foretell the future.  Some forms of divination rely on a tool such as cards, runes, tea leaves and dice, while other forms are an interpretation of body parts or other natural objects such as palmistry, animal behavior, and cloud formations. Click on the cover for more information on Janet's 88 page eBook Divination - History, Methods, and Uses.

How are you feeling today? Did you know that the chakras are very much connected with physical, mental, and emotional development and health? In a healthy individual, all the chakras are balanced and energy flows freely and naturally through them. Click on the cover on the cover for more information on Janet's 41 page eBook The Chakras.
The Peace, Balance, & Harmony eBook will show you how you can retrieve your precious life force from attitudes, beliefs, & habits that keep you stuck in the past & future. You’ll also find practical ways to bring balance & harmony to your life. Click on the cover for more information on Janet's 113 page eBook Peace, Balance, & Harmony.
Are you curious about the Tarot? Would you like to know how to pick a deck, how to clear a deck, read the cards using numerology, and much more? The Tarot eBook is geared towards those new to Tarot as well as individuals looking to do more with the cards. Click on the cover for more information on Janet's 30 page eBook The Tarot.

I got it and have really enjoyed it! I plan to recommend it to my friends who want a gentle, no-nonsense approach to learning Tarot! Thank you, Janet. --  Kathy Dannel Vitcak
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