Creating since the age of 5, Ron Boyer is a self-taught artist from Pennsylvania, working in acrylics, woodburn, watercolor pencils and polymer clay.

At age 21, he was commissioned to create an outdoor mural based on the movie Dances With Wolves. Painted during a freezing winter--and taking 7 months to complete--this mural featured dozens of buffalo, horses, and Native American hunters, earning him a full-page story in the local paper.

Although Ron specialized in photo-realistic wildlife for most of his life, he has since branched out to mystical, whimsical and surrealistic themes. He has created dozens of commissioned pieces over the last 20 years. Recently, he's completed painting the Snowland Deck, co-created with his wife, Janet.

Ron also makes a mean pie (Peach with Blueberries!), Potato Leek Soup and out-of-this world White Chocolate Banana Cake...not to mention bookcases, entertainment centers, DVD cases, cabinents and sundry practical inventions.

Below are just a few of Ron's paintings, sculptures and woodburns.
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Ron Boyer